Asus announces Padfone-Tablet and Smart phone combo

Earlier this week Asus has announced a innovative Tablet design to enhance the power of mobile computing in a Tablet form factor. At the Computex 2011, Asus chairman Jonney Shih unveiled the Padfone, a completely re-invented Tablet powered by a Smart phone.


Little hard to believe and imagine, the Padfone is a combination of a Tablet and Smart phone which allows users to choose the best screen size that fit their needs. The major components like the processor, memory and storage is available inside the smart phone, while the Tablet is just a gadget which includes a larger display, battery and a provision to host the Smart phone. User can make use of the Smart phone for making calls and browse on the go. However, just in case if the battery goes down and if the user wants to read an e-book, watch a movie, access the Internet or play a game, then the user may have to insert the smart phone into the rear side of the Tablet gadget and start working in a larger screen size.


Padfone is a new innovative idea which suits best for Tablet and Smart phone lovers, who are a little worried about buying multiple devices. Moreover, the user is backed up with dual battery packages, but share a single 3G connection without interrupting call and data services.

As of now Asus has demonstrated only a glimpse of the touch and feel of Padfone. So users may have to stay cool until the company prepares itself to mention the specification, price and release of the device in the UK market.


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