Aakash Tablet goes out of Stock, UniSlate 7 ready for Pre-order

It’s not even a week since the World’s cheapest Tablet Aakash went on sale. The Tablet was made available to the users only through online, that is also only from Aakashtablet.com and Datawind Technologies was able to sell all the Tablets now.

The overwhelming response from the consumers of India cheered up the company to unveil its next Tablet by the name UbiSlate 7. This Tablet is nothing but an extension of the earlier version of the Aakash Tablet. Extension in the sense with some features and functionalities added to it to best suit the needs of the customers.

To get a feel of the Tablet before its release, it is necessary to know the specs of the Tablet. UbiSlate7 will run on Android 2.3 Operating system and will have memory capacity of up to 32GB. Support to 3G modems and Wi-Fi will be available in the Tablet for the users to utilize the best of the connectivity options available. The Tablet features Cortex A8-700 Mhz processor for better speed and ease of access.

Screen size and display resolution remains the same as that of Aakash Tablet.

Moreover, browsing through the internet, playing videos in YouTube, access to social networking sites are also a part of the Tablet. Several types of document viewing and editing is also added. Aakash Tablet has the capability to support up to 150,000 apps whereas UbiSlate 7 is expected to cross this number.

With all the features and functionalities, the price of UbiSlate 7 is just INR 2,999 rupees and it is affordable for most of the people. With this low price, UbiSlate 7 remains the World’s cheapest Tablet. UbiSlate will be available to the customers in January 2012 and the pre-orders are open now.

Sorry, Pre-order for this device is closed now.


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