How to avoid wind noise in your videos with a simple teddy

Apart from moving the camera, strong wind is a drawback when recording video because it generates a lot of noise in the microphone. Video professionals use a peculiar accessory called Dead Cat (literally dead cat, although in Spanish also it is known like stuffed windbreaker). This video teaches us how to make one.

avoid noise in wind
avoid noise in wind

The professional windshields are foam covers coated with a dense forest of artificial hair. The function of this hair is to prevent the wind from producing noise in the microphone, and achieve it with considerable effectiveness. Making a domestic version of these windbreaks can not be simpler and if we make that drone for sale then it will have high price.

Photographer Nate Taylor of Taylor’d Photography explains that all we need is a decorative plush pom-pom like those sold at a craft store. If we do not find it we can use some stuffed toy that we find in bazaars or toy stores. The only thing that needs to be that it has dense and long hair (and that is not very expensive because we are going to break it).

Then all that is needed is to remove the filler, and make a cut wide enough to fit the sheath of hair around the lens. The little handlers can make another small cut to hold the improvised accessory on the screw of the tripod or in another hook of the camera. The video shows the result of recording with and without the accessory.

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